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Shooting Art For Naya

December 26, 2011

Naya is in her second year of IB art studies and currently preparing for college applications. The pictures below are taken from her portfolio photo shoot.


Biri No More

September 11, 2011



Sofia Turns 3

September 4, 2011


Maria and the Bunnies

February 27, 2011


I really enjoy blogging about friends lately (especially if this involves taking pictures of/for them). I found this one that I took of Maria some time ago. With a background of art restoration and interior design, she recently decided to channel some creativity into handicraft. She has just started her own home business and in an effort to expand she is drafting an army of bunnies.

They are available here.

Posing below is Rhea. She likes books.

wool bunny



January 23, 2011

naya 01

I met Naya a couple of years ago while she was trying out for the forensics team at Sara’s school.

She recently contacted us to ask if she could use the darkroom. I was really glad to hear that she was interested in photography and that she had started the classic way: through black and white film.

What made facts even more interesting was the realization that her vision is affected by some rare condition called Irlen Sydrome. The shades she had been using are special tinted lenses and their purpose is to soothe visual stress (I personally think they add a certain coolness factor). Although her vision may not be technically perfect, it’s fresh and curious and thoughtful.

Naya Schulein is the first guest photographer on blog.

naya 02
naya 03
naya 04
naya 05
naya 06
naya 07
naya 08