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Paragliding Blues

August 21, 2011


Acropoclipse (Part II)

June 18, 2011


8bit Commute

June 2, 2011

May was Bike to Work Month. As was April… and March.. and… anyway, here’s a small tribute.

Big thanx to Ozzed for the tune!


Small Wedding Party

March 22, 2010

This is a time lapse experiment inspired by Chase Jarvis’ 21112 party pictures video. I wanted to try this technique ever since I first saw it and decided to give it a go at our own wedding party. Here’s the result:

Tech info:

  • Camera: full frame
  • Focal length range: 24mm~26mm
  • Exposure: ISO 400, f/5.6 (for a decent depth of field)
  • Lighting: Bowens 500Ws compact studio flash set at 1/32 power (*)
  • Modifier: Standard reflector for a little direction, covered with a softbox internal baffle for a little diffusion
  • Camera software: Sofortbild with intervalometer set at 2sec (*)
  • Encoding and Muxing: Mencoder

(*) The strobe was sourced from a rental shop. No reference about the existence (or not) of overheating protection was found by Googling, so it was treated as non-protected. Thus, it ran at its lowest setting. Even though it recycled in 0.5sec @1/32, I preferred to shoot every 2sec to be safe.

Fun info:

  • Correcting WB at 0:51 to mark the change from prep day to party day.
  • Looking for a Creative Commons artist to fit the mood of the video and finding this little treasure.
  • Resolving the 3x Maria and 3x Eleni conflict in the cast.
  • Almost having the fastest divorce in history, because on Sunday I spent more time editing and encoding the video than with my wife.