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Goodbye Sir Ed

August 29, 2010

hello sir ed

…and thank you for the memories. This is a small trip account (expressed in animal figures).

kiwis: 1
whales: 1
albatrosses: 2
keas: 2
dolphins: 7-8
penguins: 9-10
seals: dozens
pukekos: dozens
sheep: millions (really)

5000km of right hand drive went smoothly. With the exception of a couple broken glasses that kea (the rental company, not the alpine parrot) was kind enough not to bother about.

Photos coming soon after jet lag is beaten.


Hello New Zealand

August 6, 2010

Athens, Dubai, Melbourne, Auckland. 35 hours of travel, 21 in the air. We were served 5 meals and watched countless movies. Sara pointed out that some people spend their whole lives sitting, eating and watching TV.

Changing hemisphere, changing season, changing constellations, changing the driving side. Setting foot on new ground gives you this feeling of a small conquest.

hello new zealand
hello new zealand