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Cry Baby Prosthetics

January 16, 2018

Nelly wanted a cry baby ever since we visited a toy store to get a friend’s birthday present in October. We are not very fond of plastic toys and noisy ones no less. She started brainwashing us on a daily basis. When are we getting one? Can we get one tomorrow? Can we get one for Christmas? How many days more?

Eventually she got one as a Christmas present from Nani. It was very hard to source one, as it turned out this particular doll was highly sought after. She was ecstatic. A couple of weeks later she had dropped it so many times, that the neck cracked. She was inconsolable.

The body is built light and thin like an egg shell. We epoxy-glued it, but it broke again. This called for more drastic measures.

Let’s build a new collar and make it stronger than the original one by filling the whole cavity. I tried to account for all nooks and crannies of what was left and measure every possible dimension.

This is what the new parts will look like.

This would have been too time consuming to set-up for multiple side machining on the CNC, so it was handed over to ninja colleague code-named johmer to be 3D printed.

Test fit. The button was re-soldered with heavier wire too.

Looking good. Nothing interferes.

Body assembled.

Cry Baby v2.0. The return.