And Then They Were 3

March 8, 2012



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Rebecca Latham AGuirre says:

She takes my breath away!!!

What do you buy a baby that beautifuL?…besides a brush!

Love, love, love to you from the midwest!

Seba says:

Can’t wait to meet you little Nelly!!!

Ami Davis says:

Welcome to the world Anatoli! You are beautiful!!

JB says:


congrats! 🙂

Big Congrats from Jen and I!!!

Megan says:

So I’ve been checking here and checking my email for the past couple of days for a picture and I finally get to see her pretty face! Thank you for posting, she is absolutely beautiful and perfect, and now your whole world has just changed and been enriched. All three of you are blessed. 🙂 enjoy every second. Can’t wait to see more and hear how everyone is doing. Love you!

Marinos says:

Congrats mate! May she have a beautiful happy life 🙂

Sas euxomaste olopsixa na sas zisi to asteri sas to lampero kai na fotizi ti zoi sas fos xaras kai eutixias. Einai panemorfi!!! ki o Vassilis (os prasinomatis) tin exi idi ftisi 1000 fores. Sas filoume kai tous tris sas.

I fili sas Vassilis kai Rania

jogout says:

I wish for her
all the joy all the light all the love
she can get in this world
The beauty is already painted in her face!
Be always happy as you are today…
much love from jo

Lexey says:

Wow! Just look at her! You must be so proud and happy to be at the end of the first part of this journey. The day has dawned :-). Love to you all–Lexey

Amy L says:

Congratulations!! What a georgeous baby- you have so much to look forward to. I have been anxiously awaiting news of her arrival and am so excited for you two! Love and blessings, Amy

Kathy Koutsioukis says:

Welocme to the world, beautiful baby girl. And mom, you will never believe you have so much love inside you.

Alyson says:

Love to all of you. She’s beautiful.

Laurie Poseidon says:

So cute. Yeah, glad she is here and you are both well. What a miracle! Thanks for including me in your news. Was thinking about you and wondering how it all was! For when you have time, I send a poem that reflects on the miracle with much love to all three of you:

The Salutation by Thomas Traherne (1637 – 74)

These little limbs,
These eyes and hands which here I find,
These rosy cheeks wherewith my life begins,
Where have ye been? Behind
What curtain were ye from me hid so long?
Where was, in what abyss, my speaking tongue?

When silent I
So many thousand, thousand years,
Beneath the dust did in a chaos lie,
How could I smiles or tears,
Or lips or hands or eyes or ears perceive?
Welcome ye treasures which I now receive.

I that so long
Was nothing from eternity,
Did little think such joys as ear or tongue
To celebrate or see;
Such sounds to hear, such hands to feel, such feet,
Beneath the skies, on such a ground to meet.

New burnished joys!
Which yellow gold and pearl excel!
Such sacred treasures are the limbs of boys
In such a soul doth dwell:
Their organizèd joints and azure veins
More wealth include than all the world contains.

From dust I rise
And out of nothing now awake,
These brighter regions which salute mine eyes
A gift from God I take.
The earth, the seas, the light, the day, the skies,
The sun and stars are mine, if I those prize.

Long time before
I in my mother’s womb was born,
A God preparing did this glorious store,
The world, for me adorn.
Into this Eden so divine and fair,
So wide and bright, I come His son and heir.

A stranger here
Strange things doth meet, strange glories see;
Strange treasures lodged in this fair world appear,
Strange all, and new to me.
But that they mine should be, who nothing was,
That strangest is of all, yet brought to pass.

Uncle Rex & Aunt Ellen says:

Sara & Elias, A beautiful baby! You are off on the world’s greatest adventure – parenthood. Welcome grand niece Nelly!

Nada Papazoglou says:

dear Sara and Elia
what a beautiful baby and what a beautiful name. Maria, Smaragda and I admired Nelly and we too fell in love with her. Thank you for sending me your news. I wish Nelly to be lucky and healthy all her life.
Love to all three of you

Nada Papazoglou says:

she is so cute in the video

Heather, Russell, Harry, Zoe and Jack says:

Yeah! She is GORGEOUS! (Like her mummy and daddy). congratulations and enjoy- it get so much more fun and interesting now! Can’t wait to see you all and to have lots of cuddles.

Kostas - Smara & Sofi says:

Na sas zisei file!
Tha erthoume na tin doume apo konta me tin proti eykairia…

Connie Hurd says:

Oh my GOD she is beatuiful. The picture makes me want to eat her up in a good way my way of say’n hold her. Roderick loves her mohawk and said HI pig. We miss you lots I’m so happy for the two of you and now the real journay starts. Send more pictures updates.
Love Ya

Alexees says:

Very belated, but I just found out! She’s beautiful! Hope to meet her up close soon! Na sas zisei!

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